Community Recommendations from Cannabis Forum

Darnisha Hunter hosted a Cannabis forum on March 17th held at Latter Rain Ministries, Pastor Jody Crawford.These ideas are things we would like to see City Council place in the ordinance. This was a collaborative effort from people who wanted a dispensary and those who didn't. Also those who are currently taking the drug for health needs. Use any or all of these suggest and present them to city council now during public comment. So council can hear them and place them in the ordinance they are currently creating and bringing into law on May 2nd, 2018.

Let City Council hear your voice.

Community Recommendation from Cannabis Forum 3.17.2018

  1. Requesting a Medical and Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in one.

  2. No cultivation of cannabis in Imperial Beach.

  3. Requesting an oversight committee made up of city staff and community volunteers reporting out to the community on a quarterly bases.

    1. Review financials and accounts on a quarterly bases.

    2. Would like 15% of net from dispensary to go towards the following

      1. 5% to hire 1 -2 more Sheriff Deputies for Imperil Beach only – Annual Starting Salary is about $53k

      2. 5% to schools

      3. 5% to cannabis youth education programs that already exist and can be contacted to the South Bay schools  (the effects it has on under developed brains)

      4. Sales tax to go to the city of Imperial Beach

  4. Enforcement

    1. Three verifiable complaints are a code violation that requires heavy enforcements measures.

  5. Want testing of the drug sold locally.

  6. If delivery service for those unable to come pick up their medication.

    1. Through registration and only Imperial Beach residents.

    2. Background checks on all drivers and must register with San Diego County Sheriff Department and the City of Imperial Beach.

    3. App for delivery or set appointments for medical cannabis.

    4. We would like a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) it will also generate money for the city.

    5. Requesting a better map from the City of Imperial Beach on where the proposed dispensary will be located. Also a map with street addresses and labeled intersections on it.

    6. Distance from schools not less than 1000ft

    7. Packaging

      1. Order proof containers.

      2. Child proof packaging and non-use cartoons on the packaging.

      3. Dispensary label on outside of all packaging.

      4. Track and trace on all products.

      5. Eatables not to appeal to or market to youth.

  7. Go through California Coastal Commission, Navy in the licensing process.

  8. No release of liability to dispensary for the following

    1. Security inside and outside of business.

    2. Customers cannot smoke outside of the business.

    3. Customers cannot encroach on commercial or residential neighbor’s property or parking spaces around the dispensary.

    4. Will not tolerate broken windows, graffiti or robberies. Must keep employees, customers and community safe at all times.

    5. Must have security cameras inside and outside of dispensary.

    6. Well lite indoors and outside of dispensary.